Our Products

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Custom Panels

Tailored to your specifications, our custom panels ensure seamless integration and precision performance for your unique control needs.

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Pump Panels

Engineered for efficiency, our pump panels deliver reliable control for various pumping systems, optimizing operations and ensuring consistent performance.

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Lighting Panels

Designed to illuminate your space efficiently and effectively, our lighting panels provide control for diverse lighting setups, enhancing visibility and functionality.

PLC Panels/ HMI image

PLC Panels/ HMI

Empower your systems with our PLC panels and HMI interfaces, offering intuitive control and monitoring capabilities for streamlined operations and enhanced productivity.

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Class I Div II

Compliant with Class I Division II standards, our panels guarantee safe operations in hazardous environments without compromising efficiency or functionality.

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Disconnect ​

Our disconnect panels provide reliable disconnection solutions, ensuring safety and efficiency in managing power distribution and equipment operation.                                  

vfd panel image

VFD Panels

Engineered to optimize motor speed and performance, our VFD panels offer precise control, energy savings, and enhanced motor functionality.                                    

Relay panel image

Relay Panels

Enhance your control systems with our relay panels, providing reliable switching and control mechanisms for seamless operation and system integration.

Simplex panel image

Simplex Panels

Streamline control processes with our simplex panels, offering straightforward, single-circuit control solutions for various applications.                                         

Duplex panel image

Duplex Panels

Ensure uninterrupted operation with our duplex panels, featuring dual-circuit control for redundancy and enhanced reliability in critical systems.

motor control panel 2

Motor Control

Experience superior motor management with our motor control panels, optimizing motor performance and ensuring efficient operations.

Scada panel image

Scada Panels​

Our SCADA panels provide supervisory control and data acquisition, enabling centralized monitoring and control for complex systems.

Alarm panel image

Alarm Panels

Stay informed and responsive with our alarm panels, offering reliable alerts and notifications for critical system conditions or events. 

Soft Start Panel image

Soft Start Panels

Reduce mechanical stress and enhance efficiency with our soft start panels, providing gradual acceleration for motors, extending equipment lifespan.

Junction Box image

Junction Boxes

Ensure secure connections and streamlined wiring with our junction boxes, facilitating efficient distribution and organization of electrical connections.

Power Distribution panel image

Power Dist. Panels

Our power distribution panels offer efficient and reliable distribution of electrical power, ensuring optimal performance across your systems.         

Hazardous area panel

Hazardous Area

Designed for hazardous environments, our panels ensure safety and functionality, meeting stringent standards for reliable operations.

starter panel 3

Starter Panels​

Optimize motor performance and control with our starter panels, offering reliable starting mechanisms for various industrial applications.